Shipping Address with P.O. Box Problems

Today,  we have a customer in Texas order a box of antenna MK2327PG-22DP,  Grid Dish antenna of 2.4Ghz.  The customer's shipping address has a street number and P.O. Box number,   this address caused some problems for shipping.

When the UPS service (United Parcel service) see this type of address, they will not provide a shipping quotation for deliver this package.  The customer only can see the USPS service( United States Postal Service) quotation for delivery to this P.O. Box number address. That quotation is very high,  $226 per package. Priority Mail Express, one business day.

We help the customer changed the shipping address, removed that P.O. Box number. the UPS quotation is coming up.   $168 per package, one business day.   or $31 per package,  three business days. The customer selected a three business days service,  saved $195.

We have another customer had a similar case, their shipping address format was wrong, and UPS could not recognize it, and could not provide the quotation and service. Then only the USPS priority Mail service available. which is unusually high, above $2000. we fix the address problem, and the UPS service available, which only cost about $300,  saved a lot of money for the customer.

In the future if you have this type of shipping problem, please call us at 626 399 0989, we will help you.