MimoTik Horn antenna new bracket and shipping package

The Horn Antenna is one of  the popular solution for WISP to solve the highly noise RF environment problem.

MimoTik has a 5Ghz 18dBi dual polarization horn antenna for years,  based on customers feed back and suggestion, we have made the following changes of this horn antenna bracket design. 


This pictures showed two sets bracket, the upper roll is the new design parts.

The lower roll is the old design parts.


The pole mount clamps is made of castings, solid and strong.


The stainless steel bolts come with Wing Nut and washer, easy for field installation


The 4 crews with attached washers, easy for assembly


Two pigtail cable assemblies come with connector rubber cover, 


Two  pigtail cable assemblies  come with each horn,







The new design is much easy to adjust the the horn title , and easy to install on a pole. 



The die casting horn design has not changed. 


The improved bracket and package get customers good responses.