Customer testimonial for MimoTik products

Dear valued customers,

We are thrilled to share an incredible testimonial from our esteemed client, Airwave Broadband Inc., showcasing their experience with our MimoTik antenna products. Their satisfaction serves as a testament to the quality and reliability that define our brand.

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We have been utilizing Mimotik dishes for about two years now.  We have found the quality and performance to be very good and support from the company (Dudley) has been very good.  Shipping is quick and packaging is excellent and on the rare occasions when we have an issue, it has been resolved very quickly.

We have found the performance to be in line with the published stats, performing as well as products that cost twice as much.   We have been especially pleased with the mesh grid dishes for 2.4 and 5Ghz, which have been a game changer for us.  The increased gain of these dishes has allowed us to turn up customers we otherwise could not reach, and the mesh design works very well reducing wind load.

In addition, the fact that every part of the dish is independent, individual replacement parts can be ordered if repairs are needed.

We are also utilizing Mimotik high gain dishes with radomes for back hauls and the performnace has been very good, as well as the build quality.

Our installers also utilize Mimotiks lithium battery pack for mobility when performing test shots on our 24 volt radios.  Its utility and long battery life has proven invaluable.

We have recently ordered a pair of Mimotik 3 foot 5Ghz dishes to increase the performance on a 16.7 Kilometer back haul and expect it to perform well with a significant cost savings.

We highly recommend Mimotiks products!


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We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Airwave Broadband Inc. for sharing their experience. We hope their testimonial resonates with you, our valued customers. At MimoTik Inc, we take immense pride in offering cutting-edge MimoTik antenna products. We are confident that they will empower you with unrivaled connectivity and elevate your network infrastructure to new heights.

For more information about our MimoTik antenna products or any inquiries, please reach us. We are here to assist you in making informed decisions that best suit your networking needs.